Call for Proposals from Grassroots Activists Working to
End Factory Farming in India, Mexico & Brazil

The Pollination Project is working to grant seed funding, support the growth of grassroots activism, and build place-based movements to end factory farming in India, Mexico & Brazil.

Animal Advocates – Apply Here

If you would like to apply for seed funding for your grassroots farm animal advocacy project, click the link below.

Application Form

If you are an organization that can help share information about this program and vision, here are some tools to help you spread the word:

Read this press release for background information & history

Animal Advocates Meditation Retreat

The Pollination Project is committed to supporting animal advocates in many ways beyond just seed funding. Click here to access the digital recordings of a virtual meditation retreat for animal advocates that you can move through at your own pace. You can read one participant’s account of their experience in this retreat here (English, Spanish, and Portuguese).


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Our focus for this program is on farmed animal advocacy in Brazil, India & Mexico, but our network of compassionate animal advocates is international.
Check out our Tipping Point Program for funding opportunities for farmed animal advocates anywhere in the world, as well as stories of #changemakers from our global community below.