Funding ideas for things we’ve funded in the past:

When starting a new social change venture, it can be overwhelming to think about how to use $1,000 in a strategic way that benefits your project. Our goal is to provide you with a little seed funding that can really make a difference to your project over the long term.

To help you brainstorm, here’s some things we’ve funded in the past:

  • Renting or purchasing equipment necessary to do a project.  Some items that we’ve funded in this category include yoga mats and props, a projector, a bike trailer.
  • Outreach materials.  We have funded promotional postcards, videos, graphic design, flyers and website fees.
  • Infrastructure development.  Any project that is seeking to do long term work needs infrastructure.  We have funded corporate/nonprofit filing fees (in some cases), technological support, database development, business planning and strategic planning support.
  • Expert support to help with the project launch.  We don’t fund grantee time, but we do fund discounted services including graphic design, website programming, technological support, video editing, legal, accounting set up, business planning, fundraising support and program evaluation.
  • Program launch costs.  In some instances we have funded travel, food, lodging and other travel/conference expenses if they are crucially important to launching a project.

We hope this list of ideas helps gets you thinking about how $1,000 could help you launch your project! Good luck!