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Small Grants with Big Impact

4 years. 2600 grants. 112 countries. Over $3M given.

The Pollination Project specializes in making small seed grants to grassroots change-makers all over the globe. Our worldwide network of grantees, ambassadors, and community partners allows us to identify and fund to exceptional people and projects operating under the radar of many institutional donors.

Our early stage funding and willingness to take risks has paid off.

To date, 52% of all funded projects have exceeded their initial goals and expectations. Many of these projects have already achieved significant scale and international notoriety.

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Ways for Funders to Engage with Us

  • Making “Impact Grants” of up to $5000 to our most promising grantees & their projects. See examples of recent Impact Grants here.
  • Seeding a Regional Hub within a specific country or region of interest, See our East Africa Hub as an example.
  • Expanding Grantee Capacity Building offerings. Each time we offer additional training, coaching and resources to grantees, beyond the initial $1000 grant, the payoff is exponential.
  • Supporting Hidden Gems– grantee projects that are poised for $10-$100K investments.
  • Creating Custom-built small grant programs targeting a specific population, issue area or region of interest. For an example, see our Youth Environmental Grant Program.
  • Requesting a short (15-30 minute) presentation or webinar on “Making Small Grants that Make a Difference” for your Board or grant-making team.

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