Examples of Short Narratives for Promoting your Grant

Example 1) Magin Patrick’s Project Hawai’I summer camp is a month-long program that allows homeless children in Hawai’i a peaceful escape from their everyday struggles. The camp is designed to help children build the social and life skills needed to succeed in school and eventually escape their cycle of poverty. These kids grow up without basic life needs, such as running water, electricity and daily meals. While at camp, they are introduced to a wide variety of educational programs, including science, theater, music, culture. eco-system, nature, solar energy and more. They receive nutritious organic meals, eye exams, dental exams, and an educational evaluation, plus new backpacks filled with school supplies, new outfits, shoes, school uniform and physical educational support.


Example 2) The Nature’s Voices Project is an initiative created by longtime environmental educator, Susan Silber, to honor and amplify the voices of young people inspired by environmental education. They use the power of student stories to build greater support for environmental literacy programs, and a sustainable, resilient and equitable world. The project raises awareness among educators, funders, and policy-makers about the multitude of benefits that Green Schools and environmental education programs produce – health, academic achievement, social justice, hands-on science, green jobs training, and real-world relevance – by publishing stories and creative projects from and about students whose lives have been transformed by these programs through an online platforms, social media, conventional media and various speaking opportunities.


Example 3) Adam Rubin and Uswege Mwakapango are the founders of RENEW, an organization working to educate groups of young people in Tanzania and the USA in life skills and mindfulness. They believe that by giving these young people the skills that they need to understand themselves and the world, they will be empowered to create change for the future. Working in schools and universities, Adam and Uswege will be bringing their compassionate education workshops to young people across Tanzania in 2016.


Example 4) Among the first of its kind in the region, Women’s Crisis Care International in Bahrain is a vital center providing crisis services to women facing violence. Coordinated by Mary-Justine Todd, WCCI provides direct counseling and advocacy services to women in crisis, while also developing programming to help schools, hospitals, and other institutions develop the ability to identify and support women who are suffering from violence. This impact grant will help WCCI secure a community space from which they can support more women and develop their training programs.


Example 5) In Northern Uganda, the need for recreation is huge. Jimmy Amone is the visionary behind the Kitgum Basketball Court, a community hub where kids from different backgrounds can come together to play, but also get timely information about community health like HIV/AIDs and Malaria prevention.