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Justus Mulwa, a TPP grantee since 2015, is hosting an event for World Water day for the organization Gizzim. The goal of this event is to create awareness of our generation’s challenges to protect water as a fundamental and vulnerable natural resource through photography. We will explore how our profession can contribute to tackling this challenge including wastewater re-use and advocating for clean safe drinking water. This will serve as a platform to exchange ideas and share projects,and to tell the story of how water can reach millions who lack it globally.

The event will take place at Nairobi in an open space area and will be open to the community at-large. The dynamics of the event will be similar to an exhibit in which each participant will have an opportunity to present their projects related to water and interact with other exhibitors and the general public. Interactive stands will also be included; for example, a display of photos showing how people especially those living in slums can access this precious commodity. A discussion panel and informative photographs about topics in water-related and wastewater re-use issues will take place, as well.

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