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TPP Grantee Global Compassion is hosting a training seminar for future peace leaders who can take the lead in their respective communities to promote peace by fighting against social exclusion; radicalization and extremism. The training course will equip each of those young people about the approach to reach out to people, to bring them together and build a peaceful community and a nation at large. What matters to us is our common future and the development we seek, which cant be builds with conflicts. Team work will be the main issue to guide our participants to relay in the field afterwards.


Cameroon is facing increasing rate of Extremism and radicalization of young people both in the northern part of the country and some southern regions. Due to the killings in terrorist attacks and violence against citizens, Global Compassion i having urge concern how to bridge people and communities ; promote harmony and peace by fighting to bring people to the sense of compassion and respect for each other’s culture. Knowing that no sustainable development can take place without peace ; we work to protect our communities by building bridges of understanding.

That’s why « Our Diversity Matters » project is set to helps us use love and harmony as tools to guide our common future.