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The Pollination Project holds regular ‘salon’ events in Ross, CA. These events are a gathering of our community to connect with each other, listen to an inspiring speaker from the TPP network, and to share good conversation and good food.
Our June 2017 event is called: When the Universe Calls, how do You Show Up?

We all do good things on this planet. We all show up be of service at some point in our lives or do work that is meaningful to us, yet while most of us focus on the goals, the end results and the destination- we rarely stop to focus HOW we are showing up. How often do we question our motives, our ego and our selves when we are doing an act, no matter how mundane? How often do we look outside to get answers, when often the solutions lie within?

Our Speaker:

Sachi Maniar, based in Mumbai, never imagined that she would start one of the first social-enterprises in India that creates and spreads awareness on biodegradable tableware and other eco-friendly products. Nor did she think she would start a nonprofit whose purpose is to transform the lives of over 800 youth living in a correctional facility and a home for vulnerable children.

Sachi’s work is nothing short of inspirational, but beyond her service, what makes Sachi’s story unique is in the way in which she chose to say “Yes!” when the universe presented her with the opportunity to be of service. It is through the lens of personal transformation that she chooses to show up to her every day tasks. In a society where our goals and the destination are valued over the journey and the process, her talk will be a refreshing reminder that there is much to learn in the simple every day tasks that make up our journey.

Join us for this special evening as Sachi tells us about her work how it led her to the discovery best stated by the Bhagavad Gita: “I am not the doer, I am just an instrument.”


We invite you to join us for this special talk and explore the deeper questions behind the work that we do:

– Importance of building a community/ecosystem
– How to keep yourself in check, so that you don’t stray from your value system?
– How do we show up for what life throws at us?
– How do we lead with inner transformation?
– How do we place more emphasis on our journey vs our destination?

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