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The Hidden Sayings, a work by the Open Program presented in the form of a continuously evolving and yet accomplished structure, is a creative exploration of the interaction between songs from the South of the United States, which belong to the African-American tradition, and texts belonging to the origins of Christianity, mainly translated from Coptic and coming from the region embracing Egypt, the Middle East and Greece.The liturgical songs of the Southern Black tradition have qualities that open the possibility for re- discovering paths of transformation and contact. The Hidden Sayings interrogates texts and songs. What can be for us nowadays the function of these songs and these texts, which are both, in different ways, at the roots of the civilization in which we live? What can be for us the nature of the processes that they ignite? And what can be the meaning of the event to which they give birth? How can the quality of such processes circulate and reach the people around us?

The Open Choir is an exploration of what we consider a forgotten art form, which allows for fluid and active participation by all who attend. It is a free and open event, where everyone is gently invited to take part. This unique, non-sectarian meeting of people through songs of the African diaspora, carefully led by a trained core group of artists, allows people to come in contact with each other and with themselves through songs, dance, and interaction within a participatory context. Participants, coming from different backgrounds, co-create an artwork beyond cultural and social differences, catalyzing a shared space of meaningful recognition and interaction.

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