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Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, acoustic folk musician and TPP grantee Emily Potter is touring the United States and inviting her audiences to consider making a personal commitment to one statement:

“I believe in living my life dreams courageously. I support others doing the same.”

Emily guides her audiences through a relaxing inner journey she calls the “Dream Walk” Concert. She provides her original music and storytelling as the soundtrack of the performance, utilizing the power of her wide-open heart to literally sing to her audience’s life dreams.

Emily has been traveling internationally since May 2015 living fully within a gift economy model. This means that her concerts are always a donation-based gift of her heart. Since beginning her gift economy experiment, Emily has performed for audiences in 14 countries including the United States, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Russia, and all across Europe.

Emily noticed that she limited herself in dreaming big because of her scarcity mindset around money. On April 17, 2015 she quit her job and began her worldwide experiment as the “gift economy” musician, publicly taking a stand that money can be experienced as a free-flowing resource available to assist her in living her life purpose. Emily founded the Million Kisses Foundation to support her personal declaration.

You are welcome to give a gift of any kind to the artist at the conclusion of the show. (Not required, but appreciated.) She is excited to perform the Dream Walk Concert for the first time in Albuquerque! Looking forward to experiencing this magical evening with you!

-Backyard venue.
-This is a private RSVP event with limited seating. Contact Emily at [email protected] if you are interested in attending.