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Project Abrazos is a campaign by Maslow Initiative Foundation started by Desh Deepak Dwivedi, a grantee of the Pollination Project, from India to provide support for the development of community schools like Bal Vikas School. Community schools are often run by people belonging to the same community as the children. The children are more comfortable with familiar faces.

Community schools are often started so as to uplift the at-risk students of that particular community because if not for education, they will be subjected to all kinds of societal evils also they lack sufficient financial funding and hence, cannot provide the basic infrastructure and amenities crucial for a child’s development.

Our goal is to identify these schools and provide them with the support needed for them to flourish in their community so they can provide holistic education to children, inspire even more children in their community to start education, and raise awareness among the community as well.

We aim to implement the following in the 300 student Bal Vikas School.