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Every year since 2010 on 28th May, many organizations passionate about issues affecting women and girls around the world gather in various locations to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day. In Kenya 1 out of 3 girls miss 5 days of school each month because they lack essential product like sanitary towels. Most communities in Kenya still consider menstruation a taboo and there are many myths around it. In some communities men would not talk about menstruation and women and girls are isolated from the community during their PERIODS.
This year Garden of Hope Foundation will mark this day by inviting over 500 girls, women, parents and guardians from Kibera. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday 26th May 2017 at Kibera, Olympic Estate: Kenya Assemblies of God.

For this event to be successful we are requesting you to consider partnering with us. Your partnership can come through financial donation, donation of Food or snacks for the day, or other materials like sanitary towels and stationery

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