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Kemery Oparah, 10-year old CEO of Kemery Kreates and TPP grantee is on a mission to introduce 500 children to Japanese language and culture by the end of 2020! Through the assistance of the Pollination Grant she received, Kemery was able to start teaching Japanese online through her online program, Japanese Backpack, at the end of 2018. As the word got it, there was a growing interest in a program that would reach more children, including toddlers, and beginners to learning Japanese. Kemery launched Japanese Lunchbox in March 2019!

The Japanese Lunchbox program introduces Japanese Language and culture through short, fun videos and engaging activities. Members of the program are invited to join Kemery’s exclusive Facebook group, where she holds two monthly live sessions to answer participant questions, give more ways to connect the information learned online, and celebrate the progress of the children participating in the group. More videos and activities will continue to be added to the site on an ongoing basis. Additional educational products are also being created to support the learning process and the program participants will get to add their opinions when new products are being developed as well as receive discounts when the products are released.

The best time to learn another language is when children are young. The younger, the better! The time to start is now! Let’s learn Japanese!

*$9.99/month or $99.99/year