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This April 13-14th 2018, TPP Grantee, Greening Forward will host its fifth annual International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit (IYEYS) in collaboration with the NYC Department of Education’s Sustainability Initiative.

In a time where environmental progress and stewardship are needed more than ever, the next generation of young people have the passion and insight to solve the 21st century’s environmental problems. However, many need help to realize the potential they have to create the solutions to those problems. IYEYS will work with students to help them develop leadership and team-working skills and discuss the important ways that they can work together to make a real impact at their age.

IYEYS aims to help young people by:
-Developing skills needed to manage a group of young people
-Providing opportunities to learn from students who have already made remarkable impacts at similar ages
-Presenting a platform for networking with many other like-minded individuals
-Broadening awareness of many different environmental-related issues, such as renewable energy and sustainable growing

From youth who have started global organizations, to youth who are leading school-based environmental projects, IYEYS is for everyone. We also welcome adults who are looking to learn more about how to implement youth leadership and engagement strategies into their classrooms, organizations, or even businesses.