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In Nepal, TPP grantee The Learning House works to help young people gain skills and education.

In our latest project, we’re empowering local students with employable skills! With barista training, Learning House students can get jobs at local cafes, hotels, and restaurants and have “fall back” pocket money should they go abroad for higher education.

Our crowdfunding campaign helps us cover the costs of an Italian espresso machine and necessary equipment (pitchers, thermometer, tamper, coffee), coffee grinder, kitchenware (cups, spoons, serving plates), and cafe products (beans, sugar, etc.). We found a local dealer who also has his own coffee farm who supplies us with locally sourced coffee beans. He has already trained some of our teachers at Learning House who are now teaching interested students.

Given that our monthly operating costs hang around $1,500USD, this is a big, big investment for us — but we are already seeing the payoffs! Not only are students building confidence, they are learning basic business skills and even selling coffees at Learning House to other students. We are hoping this will add to Learning House revenue in the future.

The Learning House are raising $4200 using a crowdfunding campaign: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/sponsor-skills-barista-training-in-nepal–2

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