About the East Africa Leadership Program

Though The Pollination Project makes grants all over the world, we are particularly deeply rooted in the East African nations of Kenya and Uganda. To best serve grantees in these countries, we partner with a leadership team comprised of TPP grantees and local changemakers.

We believe local changemakers are best positioned to ensure our grants are appropriate and impactful, and that we are approaching our work in a way that best supports and serves dreamers and doers in Kenya and Uganda.


Here at TPP, we believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. With that in mind, our goals have been, and always will be, the same: to uplift and empower individuals to create change for a better world. Now, during this unprecedented time of crisis in response to COVID-19, we wish to support the helpers—those ordinary people who are creating extraordinary change on behalf of people affected by the Coronavirus.

As a result, we have created a COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund, and for at least the months of March, April, and May, we will only be accepting new applications that address the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means we have had to close our application for all new projects that do not work to address Coronavirus, including those within our East Africa program. If you have previously submitted a proposal during the 2020 application cycle, our team will be in touch with you to share more information regarding your options.

If you would like to submit a proposal related to COVID-19/coronavirus, please use our application form here to submit your proposal. Applicants from any region of the world are eligible to apply using this form, and we will be accepting applications on an ongoing basis.

Program Objectives

Support Grassroots Leaders

Support outstanding grassroots leaders who have existing or newly founded projects that have the potential to make significant positive change in Uganda and Kenya, but who may not be able to acquire funding through other organizations

Demonstrate Belief in Local Leadership

Demonstrate belief in local leadership through the provision of financial support and the opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships with other grantees and TPP team leaders based in East Africa

Foster Development

Foster the development of burgeoning leaders by giving them access to peer support, networking, training, and mentoring to help uplift their voices and ensure their successes

Nurture Growth

Nurture the growth of an ecosystem of leaders who have the shared goals of a more compassionate, just, and equitable East Africa, and provide opportunities for them to act upon and realize their dreams

What Can $1,000 Do in the East Africa Leadership Program?

Here are some examples:


Number of houses connected to water in a remote village where access to adequate water is limited in Kenya


Kabuthi Empowerment Group
Project: Connecting Poor Households to the Kabuthi Community Water Project

Read More


Number of students supported by providing new schooling facilities (three classrooms; staff room; and latrines) in Kenya


Mwembe Mwagudza Mwanyonyo
Project: Jericho Primary School

Read More


Number of low-income girls educated on menstrual hygiene management and given sanitary pads so that they may stay in school in Uganda


Mukasa Nassar
Project: Ugapads: Reusable Sanitary Pads

Read More


Number of women recruited into an urban women’s rights movement in Uganda


Hajjat Nagudi Asiya
Project: Organizing Urban Women

Read More
Atukunda Eva

“I appreciate the amazing work you are doing. Your grant has helped make a difference in people’s lives. It has helped hopeless women find hope for their future, it has taken children back to school, and it created employment in a country where finding a job is the most difficult thing. We thank you so much.”

— Atukunda Eva, Legit Housekeeping And Maintenance Services, Uganda

The 2019 Program

Due to the specific needs of our review and mentoring teams in Kenya and Uganda for 2020, we will only be accepting applications from these countries during two periods rather than on an ongoing basis as in our general application. While applications are open, you can submit an application by following this link and taking our qualifying quiz. During periods when applications are closed, you may register your interest at the same link and we will notify you once the application is open.

Grants Made Within the East Africa Leadership Program

How To Apply For A Grant In This Program

Applications are now open between February 14 through April 13 at 11p EAT

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