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our grantees are awesome

From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.


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October 2017

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JANET NJOROGE – Connecting Poor Households to the Kabuthi Community Water Project


The Kabuthi Water Project is a community water scheme that has been constructed using a combination of community contributions and assistance from well wishers. It includes a borehole and mains pipe distribution system. Now that the scheme is nearing completion, each household is expected to meet the expense of installing [...]


Restoring Hope for the Girl Child – Restoring Hope for the Girl Child


Twehikire Baker and Grace Twehikire are the founders of Restoring hope for the Girl Child, an organization that educates vulnerable girl children in Kanungu District Uganda by equipping them with necessary marketable life skills for self reliance. The project, started in 2007, trains girls in tailoring, fashion and design, and [...]


EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project – EMCLOW (Empowerment And Cultivation of Women) Project


According to a mini-survey conducted in 2008 on class enrollments of girls and pregnancy-related drop-out rates for the year, 10,000 girls in Kenya dropped out of school because of pregnancy, with the Coastal region of Kenya having one of the highest regional drop-out rates for primary and secondary levels. In [...]


Mlesh, Terry Triza, Wawush and Julie – Garden Of Hope


“Garden of Hope” is a grassroots, non-profit Community Based Organization in Taita-Taveta County of Kenya, operating under registration number TTA/CD/2/7418. When Kenya was first hit by El-Niño rains, my village suffered heavily from floods, high erosion, spoilage of food crops, displacement of people, and deaths of livestock, wildlife, and devastation [...]

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