daily giving bank

What is a Daily Giving Bank?

Our daily giving banks were inspired by an experiment that was started by some volunteers in India. A young woman had the idea of decorating recycled water bottles to be used as “akshaya patra” banks, which in sanskrit means “inexhaustible vessel.” In Mahabharata, akshaya patra was a wonderful vessel that held a never-ending supply of food, and was given to Yudhishthira by the Lord Surya. The idea is that as you give, you also become aware that you always have enough.

We translated the idea into our “daily giving bank.” It is a way to anchor a practice of generosity in your every day life. Our banks were made by the children of Earn and Learn in Ahmedabad, India (one of our grantees). The children have collected and decorated reused plastic water bottles and turned them into beautiful daily giving banks which they send to us so we can then share them with you.

How do I use a Daily Giving Bank?

We suggest you use the daily giving bank to anchor your daily giving practice. A suggested practice is outlined below.

  • First, ask yourself: how much money do you feel comfortable giving away every day?
  • Now add more to that number – just enough that you are a little uncomfortable. (We usually tell people to just double the amount they are comfortable giving). This is the amount you should commit to give every day.
  • Create a ritual or prayer around the daily practice- make it intentional.
  • See what it takes to put that money in your daily giving bank when you feel broke one day. Notice what you do and how you feel when you skip a few days.
  • When you are ready to give the money away, make a commitment to connect authentically with whomever you give it to. Don’t just make a donation online and wipe your hands clean of it. Connect with a human being who is in need and give money to that person. Give it to a nonprofit or group that you love, and tell them WHY you picked them and why you are investing your generosity money in their work. Go outside your comfort zone!
TPP Holding Dailygiving banks.

Where do I get one?

Feel free to email us at info-at-thepollinationproject.org to request one.

We do not charge money for the banks or the shipping, but do ask that you consider donating to pay it forward so that we can continue providing these banks to anyone who requests them. There is no suggested donation or minimum or maximum that you should donate.