Helping Hands India, 2014 Grantee

Helping Hands India, 2014 Grantee

About Our Daily Giving Community

Our Daily Giving Community offers a first-hand experience of the power of making small grants. This program is for people who truly want to be connected and engaged with our grantees and our work. By joining the Daily Giving Community, you commit to giving at least $1 a day, every day, to each of our 365+ grantees over the course of the next year. Some of our daily givers donate $100 a day, some give $1 a day- it is less about the money, and more about cultivating your generosity practice while connecting with grassroots leaders worldwide. This program is NOT for everyone. It is only for people who want to cultivate a meaningful connection to what they are giving to.

What Happens After I Join?

Once you join the Daily Giving Community, you will receive emailed snapshots of goodness all over the world. Our daily grantees are extraordinary people whose lives and projects will inspire you. You will start receiving uplifting and interesting stories and notes from our grantees– the people YOU funded. You won’t see any glossy reports or professionally written and edited PR pieces: but you will have a (sometimes dusty, sometimes broken) front row seat for what is really happening in the lives and work of our grantees. You will be in community with others who are expanding their own generosity practice, a source of mutual inspiration and encouragement. If you have questions about how the program works, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions about Daily Giving.

David and Harris Ambush - Hands 4 Hope After School Care

Hands 4 Hope, 2014 Grantee

I’m Ready To Get Started

If you are ready to join now, please go to our donation page and sign up either for a full year all at once, or in monthly installments of $30 or more per month ($1 a day). If after reading our FAQs, you still have questions, please contact us at donations (at) thepollinationproject (dot) org.


“Daily Giving is a foundation for a magical life. A daily practice anchors my life and allows my intentions to take root because of the consistency of the practice. Doing it daily means I am exercising a muscle and watching it get strong. Each day builds on the one before. It has transformed me.”

~ Stephanie