Daily Giving Community: Reflections

Thank you for your reflections. We ask that you learn a little more about our intentions and values before you sign up for the Daily Giving Community.


Sister Donna Francis, Grantee in Hawassa Ethiopia

We are committed to the sacredness of daily giving. Our goal is that your participation enriches your life and expands your experience of generosity, abundance and joy in 2014.

Thank you for confirming that it is a fit for you before you sign up.

  • Do you believe that one person (or small groups of people) can make a meaningful difference in the world?

YES! The Pollination Project begins with the idea that people change the world. We believe in unleashing the goodness inherent in each of us, and supporting the social change vision of individuals and small groups who have a dream and a plan for making the world a better place. All of our grants are given to individuals and small groups of volunteers.

Are you ready to push your own boundaries and expand your practice of generosity?

YES! By participating in this inquiry, you are already saying “yes” to expanding your daily practice of generosity and giving. Congratulations! One principle for joining the Daily Giving Community is: “Give what you feel comfortable giving, then give a little bit more”. This act will immediately push you, and start strengthening your generosity muscle!

Are you inspired by the types of grantees we have funded?

We hope so! In 2014, we are likely to fund more grantees who are doing social change projects much like the ones we funded in 2013. We hope these people inspire and excite you, and that you take some time to read about some of our grantees and find the stories that make your own heart sing, because that’s how your daily gift will be used in 2014. Click here to learn about our most recent grantees.

Do you feel your life will be enriched by a daily practice of generosity? YES! As you engage in a daily practice, your life will change. What do you want to see expand? We recommend you set an intention for your daily giving practice, which allows that intention to take root and grow in your life.

Yes! I still want to join the Daily Giving Community.

No, I do not want to join the Daily Giving Community, but I do want to give a donation anyway.

No, I do not want to join the Daily Giving Community or make a donation at this time.