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Arts on the Waterfront, 2013 Grantee

Daily Giving Community
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Daily Giving Community offers a first-hand experience of the power of making small grants. This program is for people who truly want to be connected and engaged with our grantees and our work.

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Our five grant advisory teams are made up of teachers, activists, leaders, authors, grantees and other experts on a wide variety of issue areas. This extraordinary group of over 40 advisors around the globe reviews over 1,500 applications a year, and finds the most inspiring, meaningful and high-potential people and projects to fund.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to do that. Within a year, there will likely be one or two grantees (or more) who perhaps you wouldn’t have funded had you read their applications and made the decision. Within a year, there will likely be a handful of grantees who completely fail to launch their projects. And within the year, there will also be a few breakout superstars who will make your spine tingle and heart sing, knowing that your green energy supported them in the critical early stages.
Absolutely. Give in a way that pushes up against your edge. You can give any amount each day- $1 is a great place to start if it feels like it would give you the experience with generosity that you are looking for. Perhaps $1 a day represents the biggest charitable donation you’ve ever given. The basic rule is: give an amount you are comfortable with, then give just a little bit more. If it feels like a stretch, you know your generosity muscle is growing! For your reference:

  • $1095 is $3 a day
  • $1852 is $5 a day
  • $3650 is $10 a day
  • $6570 is $18 a day
  • $18,250 is $50 a day
  • $39,420 is $108 a day
Yes.  We can accept monthly installments if that works better for you.  Just indicate that when you fill out the donation form.
Yes! You can send a check to The Pollination Project, 1563 Solano Ave., #643, Berkeley, CA 94707.  Because of the manual processing required of checks, we prefer that you only use this option for annual gifts, and not for monthly installments.
First we’d do a happy dance because it means that we are in good company! It means that the idea of pollinating social change is resonating for a large amount of people! We would then ask our Daily Giving Community to select from a few possible options: giving more than 1 grant a day, giving more than $1,000 per grant, or giving some special larger grants. When this milestone is reached, you’ll be the first to know!
At the Pollination Project, we value all contributions, no matter how big or small and every dollar we grant is infused with a lot of love. We treat money as green energy that is a sacred fuel for our work. Our goal is to expand the value and meaning of every dollar, finding ways for grantees to receive far more than just a $1,000 seed grant. A donation of any amount will be used to its fullest. However, to participate in the daily giving community, because of the staff required to run the program, we request a minimum gift of $1 a day (or $365 per year).  To make a donation that isn’t part of the Daily Giving Community, please click here.
Several of our daily givers make their donation on a monthly basis. When you go to make your donation, just click “monthly recurring donation” and make your first donation of $30 when you are ready to join. If you are committed to the practice of giving every day, yet can’t make a minimum $1 a day commitment, let us know at donations (at) and we’ll make it work! (It is more about the daily practice of generosity and less about the specific amount of money you can commit.)
We upload new grantees on our website about twice a week, and announce them on our Facebook page. Be sure to LIKE us and set your notifications so that you see our posts in your newsfeed.

If the grantee has a twitter account, we also tweet about them from @pollinationproj. But Facebook is the best way to find out who was funded on any given day.

If you want to make a larger gift to a grantee, or offer volunteer or other in kind services, please let us know so we can try to put you in touch with the grantee directly.
The Pollination Project is a 501c3 public charity in the US, tax id number 46-0675457. Your donation is tax deductible in the US and you will receive a tax receipt from us. For questions, check with your account or tax advisor.
We are not set up to do this. It is a special designation with the IRS to be able to run a donor advised fund program, and we do not have that capacity.
Our grant application process is online and you can access it here.