About the Youth Rising California Program

The Youth Rising mini-grant program is a partnership with The California Endowment (TCE), a CA-based foundation that provides $500 – $1000 seed grants to early-stage youth-led (ages 13 to 24) projects aimed at supporting youth visionaries, organizers, and dreamers around the state. This program specializes in empowering communities that are generating health, people-power, and systems change in California. Because we believe local changemakers are better placed to understand the issues facing them, a youth-powered advisory council identifies and provide startup funding and mentorship to inspiring projects.

Program Objectives

Support Growth

 Support the growth of future leaders through both financial and non-financial support, such as one-on-one mentoring, group events, training, and more

Promote Commitment

  Demonstrate belief in young people so that they may continue on their journey of becoming committed and resilient changemakers

What Can $1,000 Do in the Youth Rising CA Program?

Here are some examples:


Number of care baskets provided to local underrepresented families that are expecting a baby in California


Amy Villanueva
Project: NICU: Nurturing Infants and Care for the Underrepresented

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Number of creative workshops held for recently resettled Syrian refugee teens to help them explore their gifts and feel a sense of community in California


Banah Ghadbian
Program: Zenobia Freedom School

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Number of weeks of a workshop for young girls at homeless shelters aimed to help them build confidence and feel empowered in California


Constance Chiang
Project: Empowered Period

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Brandon L Crawford

“Receiving the TPP seed grant has been a phenomenal experience . . . Receiving the grant gave me the self confidence to speak more about my work to others. Receiving it made me feel credible, and added more respect to my program in the community.”

— Brandon Crawford, Youth Power Hour, Los Angeles, USA

Grants Made Within the Youth Rising CA Program

How To Apply For A Grant In This Program

This program is currently at capacity and therefore closed. However, we still encourage you to apply for a grant as we often accept project applications relating to these objectives through our general seed grant program.

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