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Program Overview

The Youth Rising mini-grant program is a new partnership with The California Endowment (TCE), a CA-based foundation that specializes in empowering communities that are generating health, people-power, and systems change in California. The program provides $500 – $1000 seed grants to early-stage youth-led (ages 13 to 24) projects aimed at supporting youth visionaries, organizers and dreamers around the State. A youth-powered advisory council will identify and provide startup funding and mentorship to inspiring projects.

Youth Rising launched on September 1, 2016 and since then, we have given away 67 small grants in partnership with The California Endowment. At this time, the funding cycle is closed, but more funding may become available in Fall, 2017.

See our 2016-2017 Program Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Youth ages 13 to 24 whose project takes place in the State of California.
Our seed grants are between $500-$1000.
First, please complete our prescreen questionnaire. If you meet the basic guidelines, you will receive a link to our online application. We cannot accept applications via Facebook, snail mail or cut and pasted into the body of an email.
Applications open on June 1, 2016 and are open until we allocate all the funding. Typically, the earlier you apply, the better your chances are of getting funding.
You will be notified as to whether you will receive one of our daily grants within our typical application timeframe (typically within eight weeks of submitting an application). To learn more about the review process, and our current timeline, go here to read more.
Projects must be designed and led by youth. We encourage adult mentors, adult partnership, and are committed to young leaders’ development through the visioning and planning process. How often do we really get to see and support this?
Yes. People who have a recommendation from either a current TPP grantee or one of our organizational partners are twice as likely to get funded as someone who doesn’t. Please see our current list of ambassadors and organizational partners and be sure to tell us who referred you when you apply.
Yes, being a grantee provides a lot of opportunity! TPP gives promotional support to all of our grantees. All grants are posted on our website, social media and promoted in the Huffington Post. Grantees who keep us posted with their progress and share news about their project typically receive even more promotion via TPP’s social media channels and also introductions to our donors. We also provide grantee networking opportunities and virtual trainings for our global grantee community.
The California Endowment believes that health is a lot more than what happens in a doctor’s office. Health happens where you live, work, learn and play, and the California Endowment is funding and supporting projects that build healthier communities on all levels, from our homes, to our schools to our law enforcement to our political systems. They have partnered with TPP to ensure that the voices of youth are lifted up and supported in these efforts, knowing that youth are already solving problems, innovating and making positive change in every corner of the state.
We are looking to fund great people and great projects! Youth who are leading projects in their own communities- collaborative art projects, community gardens, education and mentoring programs, anti-bullying projects, projects that serve elderly, homeless populations, animals, environmental clubs, system change advocacy, direct action efforts, and much more. Projects should be early in their lifecycle, and not yet be at a point where there is paid staff or a large organizational infrastructure behind it. Our goal is to support the overall health and wellness of communities across the State by elevating the voices, vision and leadership of our youth.

For more information, check out our Funding Guidelines

Contact our program director, Gerardo Omar Marín if you have questions that were not answered here by filling out this contact form.

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