About Susan Silber

Susan Silber is a member of the Youth Environment Hub, a collaboration between The Pollination Project and Levis Strauss & Co. Read more about the team here

Reflections on Community Grantmaking as a TPP Fellow

I must have received messages about the first announcements about the Pollination Project from about a dozen people. As a community organizer, I am constantly on the search for foundations who provide for grassroots projects, as they are so few and far between. I applied for my first grant in [...]

Reflections on Community Grantmaking as a TPP Fellow2017-03-27T13:00:50+00:00

Jamila Banks: Walking in Faith to Build Communities

Jamila is a beautiful example of building resilience both within herself, her family and with her community. Jamilia grew up in South Central Los Angeles, the product of both a loving mom and unstable community. She witnessed violence in her own household and on the streets, the images of her mom being abused by her boyfriend still vivid today. Jamila’s loving mom, however, provided her with the love and support to make her way through college at the University of Southern California. Jamila is now a social justice advocate providing youth and families in Los Angeles county with environmentally-focused, holistic, services.

Jamila Banks: Walking in Faith to Build Communities2017-10-01T17:12:26+00:00
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