About Selene Gonzalez-Carrillo

Selene Gonzales-CarilloSelene Gonzalez-Carrillo is currently the 2017 International Hub Coordinator, and was fortunate enough to have been a member of the 2016 Youth Environment Hub, a collaboration between The Pollination Project and Levis Strauss & Co. Read more about that team here

Money Can Break Down Walls in Philanthropy

I am an environmentalist and Mexican-American with dual citizenship, and in 2012 I relocated back to my native Mexico. There is a lot of talk these days about walls between my two countries- the US and Mexico. But the wall I’ve been most focused on lately is the philanthropic wall [...]

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Desire Johnson-Forte, 2018 Team Leader

Desire Johnson-Forte  holds an BA from Mills College in Oakland, CA.  After graduation she worked in the Dominican Republic teaching English through a program run by her high school mentor. Returning stateside, she moved back to Oakland to begin non-profit work supporting black youth.  She is the Founding CEO [...]

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Maulid Mwinyikai, 2018 TPP Leader

Maulidi Hamisi Mwinyikai is from Mtongwe, Mombasa and has professional experience as a trained Environmental Activist, a renowned art and development practitioner in community development, health care, and team building. In 2000 Maulidi was trained as a peer educator, organized by Mtongwe Community Initiative, Family health options Kenya and [...]

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Jane Wafula, 2018 TPP Leader

Jane Wafula,  lives in Eldoret with her nuclear family.  She is passionate about education topics in Kenya and has a Bachelor of Science and also did post graduate diploma in Education. She has worked as teacher, education officer, community development officer and an entrepreneur.  In 2015 she received TPP [...]

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Honest Kansiime, 2018 TPP Leader

Kansiime Honest Fortunate is the Founder and Executive Director Girls to Lead Africa, she also works as FDC (a major opposition political party), as a regional coordinator western. She studied at Kyambogo University as we as worked under Students work scheme (employed and partially sponsored by the university). Honest [...]

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