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Steve Barr, 2017 Fellow

Steve Barr is a professional cartoonist who lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and began selling his work to publications even starting in the 7th grade. He's written 13 books that teach children how to draw cartoons of their own, using basic lines and shapes. He's [...]

Nile Haynes-Irby

Nile Haynes-Irby is a South Los Angeles-based youth who has received opportunities from Amazing Grace Conservatory to do local work with Peace Over Violence to use his Theatrical skills to prevent domestic violence. Throughout high school, he was in the South Los Angeles Youth Council doing youth work throughout his [...]

Sahara Huazano

Sahara Huazano is an environmental studies professional who was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. After graduating with honors from the University of California Santa Cruz, for her outstanding thesis centered in the Coachella Valley, she has returned to work for her community in Eastern Coachella Valley as Lead [...]

Ariel Vegosen

Ariel Vegosen is a professional Workshop Facilitator, Gender Inclusivity Trainer, Writer, Educator, Mentor, Performance Artist, Liberation Advocate, Ritualist, Coach, and Consultant. Ariel is the founder of Gender Illumination (www.genderillumination.com) an organization dedicated to creating safer spaces for Trans and gender queer people through the tools of education and policy change. [...]

Quinton Cabellon

Quinton Cabellon (Yokut/Filipino/Irish), born and raised in Oakland, California, an avid gardener and food justice advocate, is a full-time student pursuing a degree in international agriculture and rural development. He is a program assistant with The Cultural Conservancy, working with their Native Foodways program.

Alejandro Lopez

Alejandro Lopez is a first generation Latino immigrant living in Marin County. He has work for the Canal Welcome Center an organization which serves the immigrant and low income communities throughout Marin County. Alejandro has worked two years in a program from the organization called “Presente” which is a round [...]

David Omondi

David graduated with a BSc. Medical Biochemistry Degree of the University of Nairobi and returned to his community of Obunga Slum where he founded Riley Orton Foundation Org (ROF), Kenyan nonprofit supporting underprivileged girls to break the cycle of poverty by implementing sustainable education programs. Having been raised in [...]

Sitawa Wafula

Sitawa Wafula is a mental health activist based in Nairobi, Kenya, who uses her personal journey as a rape survivor living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar to provide people in Africa with the necessary information and support to not only handle mental health conditions but to also [...]