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Meghan O’Brien Lowery

Meghan O’Brien Lowery works as the Director of Special Projects for the Greenbaum Foundation in San Diego, CA. Previously, she was the Chief of Staff at Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO) in Nairobi, Kenya where she managed a team of 250, implemented a multitude of programs and tracked over 3 [...]

Meghan O’Brien Lowery 2017-05-22T19:48:57+00:00

Darshana Muzumdar

Darshana is an avid animal rights grassroots activist. Her initial interest in the rampant human-stray dog conflict in her city, Pune, led to her forming an email group in 2011, that got all the Animal Welfare NGOs and dog lovers in her city under one single forum called PALs (Pune [...]

Darshana Muzumdar 2017-06-05T09:32:30+00:00

Xochitl Rivera

Xochitl Rivera has been an ethical vegan for eleven years and a multidisciplinary person who has worked on behalf of non-human animals through: writing, cooking, giving courses, workshops and talks about animal ethics and plant based food. Throughout Mexico she has been involved in different projects and organizations that seek [...]

Xochitl Rivera 2017-05-15T12:00:44+00:00

Guilherme Carvalho

Guilherme Carvalho was born and raised in the Brazilian northeastern city of Recife, but has lived in São Paulo since 2010. He initiated his work in animal advocacy making the independent short length documentary Atave exposing the cruelty of poultry industry in Brazil. After that he was Brazil Campaign Manager [...]

Guilherme Carvalho 2017-05-15T12:00:35+00:00

Rosana Ng

Rosana's lifelong passion for animals inspired a transformational mid-career change from leadership in the manufacturing sector to full time animal and social justice advocacy work. In order to align her work life with her personal values, Rosana focused her energies on the non-profit world and accepted a senior management position [...]

Rosana Ng 2017-05-15T12:00:27+00:00

Steve Barr, 2017 Fellow

Steve Barr is a professional cartoonist who lives in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and began selling his work to publications even starting in the 7th grade. He's written 13 books that teach children how to draw cartoons of their own, using basic lines and shapes. He's [...]

Steve Barr, 2017 Fellow 2017-05-01T14:07:48+00:00

Linda Azucena

Linda is an indigenous Zapotec from Oaxaca Mexico. She is a youth organizer at 67 Sueños. When not working, one can find her spending quality time with her dogs.

Linda Azucena 2016-12-11T19:23:38+00:00

Nile Haynes-Irby

Nile Haynes-Irby is a South Los Angeles-based youth who has received opportunities from Amazing Grace Conservatory to do local work with Peace Over Violence to use his Theatrical skills to prevent domestic violence. Throughout high school, he was in the South Los Angeles Youth Council doing youth work throughout his [...]

Nile Haynes-Irby 2016-12-11T19:23:39+00:00

Sahara Huazano

Sahara Huazano is an environmental studies professional who was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. After graduating with honors from the University of California Santa Cruz, for her outstanding thesis centered in the Coachella Valley, she has returned to work for her community in Eastern Coachella Valley as Lead [...]

Sahara Huazano 2016-12-11T19:23:45+00:00
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