Please note that as we near the end of the year our review process may take longer than expected.

For applications received after October 24th, there is a chance that we will not be able to send a decision until after January 2017. We apologize for this delay – our review process is carried out by teams of volunteers, and the holiday period is a busy time for them.

As a team, we are committed to clear and timely communication at all stages of the application process and we will send an update to you if this is the case for your project. Thanks for your patience with this extended holiday timeline!

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  2. 2 – Funding Guidelines
  3. 3 – Questionnaire
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Getting Started with Your Application:

Thanks so much for your interest in applying for a grant from us. Before you take the time to fill out our application, please go through these steps to make sure you and your project qualify for a grant from us.

  • Read our Funding Guidelines. Projects must exactly fit our guidelines in order to be considered for funding.
  • Take our prescreen questionnaire to see if your project meets our guidelines. If you pass the quiz, we will immediately email you a link to our actual application form.
  • Review our application processing timeline. It can take up to twelve weeks to fully review an application, so please take this into account when submitting your application.
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