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our grantees are awesome

From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.


As of
January 2019

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Anthony and Selentia Moore – The Big Dreams Project / Moore Arts Movement Theater Company

The Big Dreams Project is a community based project of Moore Arts Movement (MOM) Theater Company. The mission of the project is to serve Georgia communities and other communities as a professional performing arts training program, including dance, vocal music, instrumental music, drama, and character based and leadership training. Local [...]


Grace Zhang, Britney Zhao – Living Green Wall at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School

Grace Zhang and Britney Zhao are seniors at the Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Acton, Massachusetts. Passionate about improving their school's mental health and aesthetic, they are creating a new green space inside the main academic building. In this space, there will be a seating area centered around a living [...]

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