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From Atlanta to Nairobi, Bogota to Chennai, we fund startup projects in every corner of the globe. We are proud to offer Pollination Project seed grants to these individuals and grassroots groups who are making their communities and the world a better place for all.


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Caressa Nguyen, Sacred hands, Native lands


Sacred Lands, Native Hands creates a bridge between the holders of indigenous knowledge and the current landholders to return the wisdom of stewardship to its proper place: the forests, grasslands, and living water bodies of our planet. Sacred Lands, Native Hands connects holders of indigenous knowledge directly to current landholders [...]


Vida Bonilla, Blooming Expressions Brujx School


Blooming Expressions came together as a collective in response to the lack of healthy food and alternative medicine options in our communities. It is a collaboration of young community organizers in San Francisco. It’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions to the public in order to improve community health. Through [...]


Josue Rendon, Youth Outreach for “FriYays”


As UrbanLife Southeast High School students, we been planning monthly events for youth in the neighborhood (low-income, urban area). We have chosen themes for the next few months to promote awareness among their peers: February was #Blacklivesmatter and #schoolsnotprisons, March was "Inequality and poverty in the 'hood'", April is "Healthy [...]


Caroline Gichuhi, Classroom Construction


The Ark Children's home was founded by Caroline W. Gichuhi since 2008. We have been providing food, shelter and education to the orphans and vulnerable children since then. As the need grows more, classrooms have been a challenge . Education is vital tool to help us  build our communities and [...]


Katrina Sanford, Healing Revolution


Earth Pearl Collective is launching their flagship health initiative, "Healing Revolution," a health pop-up series to connect marginalized communities with their local creative and alternative healing practitioners. This is the brainchild of Clinical Psychologist Dr. Katrina Sanford and Sadiqua Iman, an artist, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Massage Therapist. "Healing Revolution" [...]