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Animal Advocacy Coordinator


At The Pollination Project (TPP), we believe in the power of individuals and small groups to create large scale change. That’s why every day, we make small grants to people around the world who are working on behalf of their communities and our planet.

A core tenet of our approach is our commitment to the idea that by funding grassroots projects, commonly led by individuals, we are able to support the larger trajectory of their growth and the impact of their work. We do this using multiple forms of support, well beyond financial. By focusing on supporting smaller, often recently established groups, we are able to support and guide their growth journeys when they are most receptive. This broader support is most visible in our efforts to provide capacity building opportunities to our grantees.

Integral to amplifying the goodness of each grantee’s capacity is supporting their personal and interpersonal growth in ways that encourage and nurture the emergence of new ways of working. Examples of this include, fostering collaboration, offering opportunities for inner transformation and practices aimed at, ultimately, supporting our grantees in transcending current paradigms of advocating for change in the world so that their work is more sustainable and more likely to bring about enduring shifts.


TPP’s core competency is grantmaking and grantee network building. Accordingly, for the role of Animal Advocacy Coordinator we seek someone with complementary skills to lead our global efforts to support greater collaboration and connectedness between (and beyond) TPP funded projects/people working within the animal advocacy movement. The role will involve a substantial focus on our 3 countries of interest Mexico, Brazil and India (with one quarter of time working beyond those countries on a global scale).

This role requires someone who thrives in a collaborative environment, who is a natural connector of people and opportunities, who is comfortable traveling globally, who is sensitive to the challenges of working cross culturally, who can engage with and articulate TPP’s model of change, and who values the possibility and potential that emerges when we choose to collaborate rather than compete. This role requires a person who thrives in places where the questions we hold are often more important than the answers and where the practice of inner reflection and presence are essential to the “how” of what they do.

Although we are a remote organization and open to applicants globally, you will be required to be online and available 9am- 5pm Pacific time (with some flexibility) and be willing and able to take several trips a year to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet with our board and team members. This role will involve time spent traveling internationally – likely two weeks every quarter.


Grant Making and Network Building

TPP’s Global Animal Advocacy Program (GAAP) is targeted toward the formation of locally led, locally appropriate movements which recognize the importance of work specifically focused on farmed animal agriculture, and which have the capacity, skills, and power to effectively address that issue in our 3 countries of interest (Brazil, India, Mexico).

  • Developing and iterating strategies in partnership with TPP staff and grantees that support the formation and growth of regional and national networks of grantees globally, with emphasis on our 3 GAAP countries of interest
  • Nurturing the engagement of grantees with farmed animal advocacy work in our 3 GAAP countries of interest
  • Organizing training opportunities for TPP grantees working in the Animal Advocacy movement
  • Building relationships with and supporting the development of relationships between grantees working in Animal Agriculture
  • Traveling internationally to provide in person facilitation and support to gatherings of TPP grantees
  • Working with TPP’s grantmaking team to recruit and support grant nomination and review teams and to facilitate the award of appropriate and effective small grants
  • Building partnerships with other funders and organizations focused on interconnection and capacity building within the Animal Advocacy movement
  • Record keeping, budget tracking, reporting, and administrative tasks related to the program
  • Mindfulness Coordination

TPP has an emphasis on heartivism – activism led from the heart. As such, we are focusing some of our animal advocacy work on the integration of mindfulness and activism.

Responsibilities in this area include:

  • Coordination and administration of animal advocacy meditation retreats in the Bay Area (6 day retreats over Memorial Day and Thanksgiving, with strong preference candidate can be available at these times).
  • Implementation of animal advocacy meditation retreat in Europe, with possible expansion in other parts of the world.
  • Administration and coordination of online mindfulness offerings to animal activist groups. (In 2018/19, TPP ran a year-long program for 16 groups.)
  • Follow up from retreats and mindfulness program with surveys, on-going calls etc.
  • Emergent Opportunities

Though it takes different forms – from the very practical elements of grantmaking, to the process of supporting mindfulness practices among advocates – the common thread within this work is the importance of personal and interpersonal growth to sustainable, powerful activism within the Animal Advocacy movement.

As the coordinator of TPP’s farmed animal advocacy efforts, the person in this role will lead with relationship, forging and deepening connections to individuals and small groups around the world. With those relationships will come opportunities and approaches that we cannot yet anticipate. Accordingly, the right candidate for this role will hold not only an ability to design, shape, and execute processes that strategically and thoughtfully support our goals, but will also remain attentive and present to the power of creating spaces for and identifying new possibilities which emerge through the relationships which develop in this work.


As part of our approach, we place great emphasis on how we do our work and are thus seeking a team member with a growth-mindset, and who is inquisitive and curious about creating a more compassionate and kind society and exploring contemplative practices to gain deeper insight about how one shows up in the world.

Specific requirements include:

  • Track record of supporting the growth of effective animal advocacy campaigns and familiarity with the animal advocacy movement
  • Demonstrated understanding of best practices in supporting the formation and growth of networks and movements
  • Highly collaborative style
  • A high level of proficiency in facilitating various sized in-person meetings
  • A strong track record as an implementer
  • Relationship builder with flexibility and finesse
  • Sincere commitment to work collaboratively with all constituent groups, including staff, board members, volunteers, donors, grantees, and other supporters
  • Self-starter, able to work independently, and entrepreneurial; enjoys creating and implementing new initiatives
  • Maintains a mindfulness or reflection practice and has familiarity with forms of mindful movement and concepts
  • Preferred: Experience working outside of the USA.
  • Ideally located in California, Mexico, Brazil or India


The Pollination Project is committed to a just and equitable society wherein all people are treated equally, opportunity is justly distributed, and all voices are heard. We affirm and seek diversity in gender, race, color, ethnicity & national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity and sexual orientation), class, religion, ability, life experiences, and background as both a positive contribution to our organizational environment and a critical asset for informing and enabling our work. With this in mind, we are committed to maintaining a work environment that recognizes, understands, respects, and encourages the unique contributions of each member and we approach every hiring decision with a commitment to workplace diversity.


The Pollination Project is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage and seek applications from women, people of color, including bilingual and bicultural individuals, as well as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Applicants shall not be discriminated against because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, color, marital status, medical condition (cancer-related) or conditions Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and AIDS-related conditions (ARC). Reasonable accommodations will be made so that qualified disabled applicants may participate in the application process. Please advise in writing of special needs at the time of application.

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