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The Pollination Project is a collaborative Foundation that offers seed funding ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Our network of sixty five grant advisors and five country coordinators, each an expert in their respective fields, leads our funding decisions.

This participatory grantmaking process aligns with our ethos of empowering individuals on the front lines to effect positive change within their communities, cultures, and countries.

Beyond financial support, The Pollination Project Foundation assists grantees in taking their initial steps towards fundraising and offers first belief in their mission. Additionally, we offer capacity-building workshops, mindfulness retreats to prevent burnout, and resource navigation to ensure that our grantees’ work achieves tangible goals.

At TPP, we believe in people, so we invest in people. 

Oluwaseyi Tolulope Kehinde-Peters


of the week:

Resty Nabaggala: Pad for Her

Location: UGANDA

Born in a rural area facing challenges like poverty and gender-based violence, Resty’s own journey inspired her to establish the Here For Her Foundation. Through initiatives like the Pad Her Project, Resty aims to provide menstrual education, reusable sanitary pads, and training to empower girls and change societal perceptions about menstruation. With the support from  The Pollination Project, Resty and her team aspire to make a meaningful impact on the lives of girls in Uganda, fostering a future where every girl has the opportunity to pursue education without barriers.

“It’s rare to find an organization like The Pollination Project which believes in young people and supports the visions of those of us who are trying to make an impact in the community.

ShiftHappens: Our Blog:

The stories behind the grants

“We’re very grateful for the Pollination Project’s support. This organization was the first (outside of our first supporters) to believe in our mission.

As a result of this grant, we have gained credibility in the refugee community and will be able to continue to grow and work towards achieving our mission.”

Linnie Pawlek, Financial Literacy For Refugees
Colorado, USA

Profiles in compassion: The Story of Lava Mae

Find out how a small donation of $1000 helped launch a successful national model for homeless services. The Pollination Project makes small startup grants every single day of the year- all over the world.

A look behind the scenes


It`s Volunteer Month! 🌟 🌟 🌟 Today we celebrate our grant advisors working on Economic Development focus area.

By meticulously selecting projects for our seed grants, they`re not just funding ideas—they`re empowering communities and sparking transformative change.

Join us in celebrating their invaluable efforts and the positive impact they`re creating together!

🔸 Eric Anorrey (Ghana)
🔸 Mariam Nakiryowa (Uganda)
🔸 Jean-Marie Zihalirwa (DRC)
🔸 Emily Logiron Asekon (Kenya)
🔸 Georgia Bernbaum (USA)
🔸 Herve Tsoala Kuete (Cameroon)
🔸 Jackson Bizimungu (Rwanda)
🔸 Okumu Dickson (Uganda)
🔸 Samuel Litunya (Kenya)


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The Green Earth Initiative (#Cameroon) is a project dedicated to educating and empowering students about climate change, sustainable development, and environmental challenges, that has received a seed grant from The Pollination Project in 2023. With a focus on fostering environmental protection and conservation, the initiative establishes Eco-clubs and Environment Clubs in schools, providing students with the tools to learn, engage, and take action in their communities.

Since receiving the grant from TPP, the Green Earth Initiative has expanded its reach, now encompassing 9 additional schools across two regions/cities, surpassing its initial goal of 5.
This expansion was made possible by the overwhelming interest from school authorities and the growing number of volunteers and team members.

Through the support of TPP and other partners, the project`s environmental education programs, awareness campaigns, and initiatives have impacted over 8000 students in two cities of Cameroon. Additionally, the initiative has planted over 600 trees, launched 5 Environment/Eco Clubs, and distributed over 150 adapted waste bins produced from recycled plastics, contributing to proper waste management practices.

The seed grant from The Pollination Project has been instrumental in catalyzing the growth and success of the Green Earth Initiative, enabling it to make a tangible difference in the lives of students and communities, while fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

#environmentprotection #seedgrant #heartivism #environmentaleducation

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It`s Volunteer`s Month!!! 🌟 Celebrating our family of Grant Advisors 🌟

With 80 grant advisors, all experts in their respective fields and many of them former grantees, The Pollination Project is powered by a wealth of knowledge and experience. Their service is not only precious but also essential, as they bring unique insights and understanding to the application process, ensuring that resources are allocated where they can have the greatest impact.

🎉 Today we celebrate our incredible grant advisors in the HEALTH & WHOLENESS focus area!

🔸 Ben Kilama (Uganda)
🔸 Kosa Jimmy (Uganda)
🔸 Marina Haque (USA)
🔸 John Ebong (Nigeria)
🔸 Nzayisenga Emmanuel (Canada)
🔸 Rodger Mwanza (Zambia)
🔸 Emmanuel Dushimimana (Rwanda)
🔸 Nelly Hellen Onditi (Kenya)
🔸 Daniel Ayodele Femi (Nigeria)
🔸 Christopher Nwafor (South Africa)

Our heartfelt gratitude to these dedicated individuals for their invaluable contributions 🙏

@jim.kosa.5 @manud05 @duemmanuel @nelly.hellen1 @daniel_ayodele_femi

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🌟 April, National Volunteer Month 🌟 Celebrating our family of Grant Advisors 🌟
+++ ART & CULTURE +++

At The Pollination Project, we believe in the transformative power of artistic and cultural expression to drive positive change in communities worldwide. Behind every successful project and impactful changemaker lies the guidance and expertise of our esteemed grant advisors in the Art & Culture focus area.

Their dedication and insight have been instrumental in helping us support artistic and cultural endeavors across the globe.

Today, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our grant advisors for their invaluable contributions in fostering creativity, diversity, and innovation in the realm of art and culture. Together, we continue to empower changemakers who are shaping a more vibrant and inclusive world through their creative endeavors.

🔸 Liza Villegas (Mexico)
🔸 Rachel Gunther (USA
🔸 Fred Batale (Uganda)
🔸 Ernest Alphonso Olayemise Allen (UK)
🔸 Rachelle Gray (USA)
🔸 Laicey Gibby-Brown (USA)
🔸 Monika Pozek (Spain)
🔸 Yuki Jackson (USA)
🔸 Maulidi Hamisi Winyaiki (Kenya)


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🌟 April, National Volunteer Month 🌟 Celebrating our family of Grant Advisors 🌟


🎉 Today we celebrate our incredible grant advisors in the Education & School focus area! 📚 With their invaluable guidance, we`ve been able to support students and education initiatives spanning the globe, nurturing innovation and fostering positive change.

👉🏽 Join us in expressing gratitude to these dedicated individuals whose expertise propels our efforts forward and enriches the lives of countless learners worldwide! 🌍🌟

Michael Abdullahi (Nigeria)
Gihana Jackson (Rwanda)
Dan Jetter (USA)
Agbor Solomon Eneke (Cameroon)
Sophia Hanson (USA)
Joseph Obore (Uganda)
Frank Rimler (USA)
Stephanie Scott (Ecuador)
Logan McFadden (USA)
Aaron Kapesa (Malawi)
Shenika Jackson (USA)
Emmanuel Nuvalga (Nigeria)
Benson Onyango (Uganda)
Kennedy Onyango Odera (Kenya)

@abdull_michael @aaronkapesa @enuvalga @jacksongihana @joseph_obore @myfssgs @NationalYouthFoundation @build_repair_grow
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Calling for all the grassroots leaders out there, committed to make our planet a better place! Our Daily Grants applications are open. To apply please visit our website at https://thepollinationproject.org

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April marks National Volunteer Month, and we`re celebrating our incredible volunteers, whose contributions are the backbone of TPP’s participatory grantmaking. It`s not just the volume of work they help us tackle; it`s the invaluable insights, expertise, and regional knowledge they bring to the table. What makes our volunteers truly extraordinary is that many are past TPP grantees, actively involved in grassroots initiatives within their own communities. Their commitment to local and global betterment is both inspiring and essential to our mission.
Representing different countries and diverse backgrounds, our volunteers are united by a common goal: serving others. We owe a tremendous THANK YOU to each volunteer for their service, for through their generosity, they not only donate their time but also spread love, hope, and the potential for change.
To all our volunteers at The Pollination Project, thank you for your time, talents, and tremendous hearts. You are each a vital part of our compassionate community, and we are deeply grateful for your partnership in making the world a brighter place. 🙏

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Introducing "New Voices, New Horizons" by @ecopracticas (Fernando Jauregui), a groundbreaking project in #Venezuela aimed at amplifying fresh narratives surrounding our collective carbon footprint and its implications for the future, particularly through the eyes of youth.

This initiative is not just about raising awareness; it`s about empowering young voices to shape the discourse and drive action towards a more sustainable world. "New Voices, New Horizons" serves as a catalyst for change, bringing together a team of passionate professionals with diverse backgrounds in sustainable development, journalism, sociology, education, and business.

Thanks to support from a TPP grant, "New Voices, New Horizons" has launched a dynamic media platform, providing a space for young leaders to showcase their initiatives and ideas for sustainable development. Additionally, they have revitalized a 12-year-old educational campaign, focusing on community-based projects led by youth.

Through this initiative, Ecopracticas is not only amplifying the voices of the next generation but also inspiring action and driving meaningful change towards a more sustainable future for all.

Watch this inspiring video to learn more about their vision and impact.

#newvoices #newhorizons #sustainability #youthleadership #youthempowerment #seedgrant #heartivism #environment #goodpractices

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Today, April 2nd, marks World Autism Awareness Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and promoting acceptance and inclusion of individuals with autism in society.

Over the years, The Pollination Project has played a vital role in funding initiatives focused on creating inclusive environments for individuals with autism, children, teenagers, and young adults. One prevalent issue within the autism community is the lack of opportunities for social interaction in relaxed and enjoyable settings. Many autistic individuals find themselves isolated, with limited chances to engage with peers and the wider community.

Fortunately, projects supported by The Pollination Project have been working tirelessly to change this narrative. By providing funding and support, these initiatives have been able to create safe spaces where autistic individuals can interact with their peers in fun and relaxed environments. These projects not only promote social inclusion but also help to enhance the overall well-being and quality of life for those with autism.

However, there is still much work to be done. Despite the efforts of organizations like us, many autistic individuals continue to face barriers to social inclusion. It`s essential that we continue to support initiatives that strive to create a more inclusive society for individuals with autism.

We exist for that, one seed grant at a time.

#autismawareness #acceptanceandinclusion #thriving with autism #embracingdiversity #worldautismday #inclusivecommunities #neurodiversity #fromsurvivingtothriving

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Supporting change, one seed grant at a time 🧡

#heartivism #activism #seedgrant #grantmaking #philanthropy #grassroots #positivechange

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"Sowing Change: Conversations about Seed Grant Impact," is designed to shed light on the transformative work of our grantees, made possible through the support of TPP`s seed grants.

In our first episode, our Natasha Reilly-Moynihan meets Tracy Glover of @sweetpeepsmicrosanctuary, a haven for chickens rescued from animal agriculture. Tracy shares the transformative journey of these sentient beings from being seen as mere food to recognized as unique individuals with their own stories.

This series aims to showcase the ripple effect of TPP`s seed grants through powerful narratives of change and compassion. Tune in to be inspired and to see the world from a new, hopeful perspective.

Watch it now and let us know iff you like it 🧡👇

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Please, meet Maida Šabeta-Lemajić , our Heartivist of the Week!

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a landmark document from 1948, marked a pivotal moment for humanity by acknowledging inherent rights for all individuals, regardless of origin or circumstance. However, while humans have seen progress in safeguarding their rights, the same cannot be said for other inhabitants of the planet. Maida Šabeta-Lemajić, a passionate advocate for animal welfare, is tirelessly working alongside the Global Animal Law GAL Association to extend universal protection to all sentient beings.

Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maida`s journey into animal advocacy began during her college years when she discovered the pervasive issue of animal cruelty. Since then, she has been instrumental in shaping animal protection laws in her country, leading to significant reforms such as banning animals in circuses and curtailing animal experimentation.

Maida`s dedication to animal welfare has taken her to various organizations, including PETA Germany and Cruelty Free International. However, it is her involvement with the Global Animal Law GAL Association that has allowed her to pursue her dream of enacting global animal protection laws. Under the leadership of figures like Dr. h.c. Antoine F. Goetschel, the association is working towards establishing the United Nations Convention on Animal Health and Protection (UNCAHP), a monumental initiative aimed at legally safeguarding animals worldwide.

Maida and her team are spearheading efforts to raise awareness and garner support for the UNCAHP through initiatives like video production and outreach campaigns. With support from organizations like The Pollination Project, they aim to amplify their message and build a global coalition for animal rights.

Read the interview on our website [https://thepollinationproject.org]

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Every $1,000 we raise is another #changemaker we fund.