Aisha FloresAisha Flores, was one of the four selected core team members that comprise the 2019 TPP Youth Leadership Program. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Rockford a suburb one hour north of the city. When she was in high school her family moved to Atlanta which is where she currently resides.

She went to DeVry University for a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology and minored in Telecommunications and she also went to Emory University where she got a Masters of Public Health (Public Health Informatics).

It is then perhaps no surprise that her first TPP seed grant was for the Buttercup STEM camp (robotics/coding camp for girls). She started Buttercup SC because she saw a need in her community for young girls to see, meet, and know other women of color who were also technologists, engineers, etc. She wanted to create a safe space for girls to explore technology without dealing with gender social issues –issues she encountered during her schooling and in her workplace.

When asked about kind of impact she would like to make in the field of youth leadership in your community she replied:

“First, I would like to set a good example for the youth in my community. I would also like to provide resources and opportunities in my purview that may help them further their knowledge, skills or interests. I’d also like to provide opportunities for youth to gain leadership experience and practice through my program or other community collaborations.”

Finally, she wanted want girls to know that they can explore “non-traditional” interests/subjects, and that there is a path for them to succeed in these areas. You can learn more about her amazing work in the links below:

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