Desire johnsonDesire Johnson-Forte is an Oakland native and community stakeholder for the interest of young adults. She attained her B.A in English from Mills College (Creative Writing) and minored in Ethnic Studies. Between her full-time work and passion-oriented consulting: she uses shared narrative to transform the possibilities society & culture have outlined for black youth; a budding innovator of participatory pilot-program implementation & monitoring. In between time she’s building three very small business social enterprises: the BIZ Stoop (educational consulting, lifestyle curation, and youth development); Damn Good Teas (naturally refreshing herbal beverages); and Luv Euphor (crafts & artisan goods). She received her first grant from The Pollination Project in 2015 to launch BIZ Stoop, and has since served as a volunteer grants reviewer; grantee hub participant; and in 2019 she serves as the Grantee Liaison for the California Youth Rising Hub.