Jasmin Singer, Director of Storytelling

 Jasmin SingerJasmin Singer is the author of the memoir Our Hen House podcast and nonprofit (now in its tenth year), and the Digital Director (former Senior Editor) for VegNews Magazine. She was named a “40 Under 40” by The Advocate Magazine, a top “Eco-Preneur” by Go Magazine, and can be seen in documentaries including Vegucated and The Ghosts In Our Machine. Jasmin has been a featured expert on TV shows such as “The Dr. Oz Show,” has contributed to several anthologies and led hundreds of workshops around the globe, and debuted her Tedx talk—“Compassion Unlocks Identity”—last year. Jasmin’s career started twenty years ago as an AIDS-awareness activist with the educational theater company, Nitestar, and she later went on to become the Campaigns Manager for Farm Sanctuary. Jasmin is committed to using personal narrative as a means to create change; emboldening and collaborating with do-gooders to tell their stories; creatively using media as a means of activism; and continuing to learn about the endless overlaps within social justice and let that information inform her efforts. She splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

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