Hilary Nyusemo Chin, Empowering Guides And Porters For Better Safety And Leisure, Cameroon

We want to thank the Pollination Project for their magnanimous support. It is through such generosity that we were able to start the pilot phase of our safety project, ‘Empowering Guides and Porters for Better Safety and Leisure’ which has started creating a safety environment for visitors, families, friends, guides, porters, and other staff from the 12 different tourism organizations around Mount Cameroon National Park and Cameroon disadvantaged communities.

The TPP grant has supported us to start creating a sustainable safety touristic environment for our clients, visitors, the Cameroon communities, Africa and the world.

We are most grateful for your support and kindness and looking forward to collectively reaching the future goals of our organization and that of TPP. We also send our regards to The Pollination Project team and all the Grantees across the globe.You all are doing amazing job!