Aria Sa’id featured in The San Francisco Examiner

Aria Sa’id a force for change among trans women of color, June 2018

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““The Trump administration has been very vocal about stripping away rights and laws that affirm trans people — and it’s very odd, because 10 years ago, no one even mentioned the word ‘transgender’ at all,” Aria Sa’id says. “So now that the word is banned at the CDC, and people are actually uttering the word, it feels like progress. Even if they are stripping away rights legislatively, socially there’s much more progress.” That’s the upside-down, George Carlin-esque state of public health in America, where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention banned words like “diversity,” “fetus” and “science-based” last year. But Sa’id, founder and director of the Kween Culture Initiative, knows from experience that progress is not linear.”

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