Are you ready to be sprinkled with happiness? Meet Laura Lavigne born and raised on the outskirts of Paris. At 17 she was unwillingly dragged to the US by her parents, but she has done well by her adopted home. Without any knowledge of makeup (she doesn’t wear any), farming or baking she became a film and fashion makeup artist, started an organic herb farm and ran a French bakery. Oh là là!

After learning there’s no use crying over spilled cake she discovered her calling. As a Happiness Coach she helps people both face-to-face and remotely, leads retreats, writes and teaches. The mother of three…Costa, Marco and Tanissa…Laura has lived 28 years in Anacortes on Fidaldo Island off the coast of Seattle where she co-creates the Center for Happiness. The Center has such delightful offerings as Happiness Sprinklings…flash mobs at busy intersections with inspiring signs, Happy Café…a pop-up free bakery and the Global Gratitude Project…where people share what they are grateful for.

If you see Laura it’s a sure sign “You Are Loved” and “Everything’s Going To Be Alright.”



To learn more about Laura’s 2013 TPP Seed Grant, click here.