Greg grew up in the Midwest and the West Coast, with his biggest growth spurt taking place in a Thailand monastery. At the age of 8 he decided to become President of the United States in order to save the world from meanness. Following his pursuit intently, he debated on the Congress floor when he was 17 and traveled with Ted Kennedy on his presidential campaign. Disillusioned with politics and the dichotomy between the stage and the back of the room, he turned to writing instead and went about the business of creating his own world within his Utopian novel. Over the years Greg experienced being alternately broke and wealthy while he continued to refine and deepen his ongoing commitment to break down the barriers between people.

At the age of 54, Greg discovered his strong talent for clowning and has since used it to bring smiles to sick children. He is currently on fire about the creation of his new  – and according to him – last project, Planet Earthlings which includes a series of kindness games called Acting Kindly. His latest game Acting Kindly @School teaches kids in a joyful way that “it’s nicer to be nice to each other – and that a**holes don’t always come up on top.”

Greg lives in India with his family, including his 15 year old daughter Duniya, who is the love of his life.

To learn more about Greg’s 2017 TPP Seed Grant, click here.