Doree Collins is executive director of the Un-Included Club. Collins is a Temple, Texas resident and has over 10 years of experience in education. After receiving her Master’s degree in Education Administration and certifica-tions in Special and EC-4 education, she worked as an administrator for a program specifically designed for underserved children. In addition, Collins taught for seven years, and headed an educator mentorship program for two of those years.

Collins begn volunteering with the Un-Included Club as a program creator and facilitator several years ago. In 2015, she left the public education sector to dedicate herself fulltime to the job of president and executive director of the club. Every day, she is guided by her unwavering belief that all children are worth the investment and will succeed when given the proper resources.

The Un-Included Club members now have access to the following programs because of Doree Collins leadership in program development: Kids R.E.A.D. literacy program which includes a monthly home library give away and the Kids R.E.A.D. under the tent program that received national recognition in the Huffington Post. Leadership Development program where the youth of the Un-Included Club are inspired, trained and encouraged to take the lead in various roles out in the community and right at home with the Un-Included Club daily program. The Urban agriculture program which is called the Pollination Project involves the Un-Included members growing in different systems and locations. The Un-Included Club’s “Soil and Seeds Sprouts to Success” program is a natio- nally recognized program where the youth leadership of the Un-Included Club have the privilege of traveling across America to share what they are learning.

Doree Collins has been married to Travis Collins for 16 years and they have four beautiful children together. Her oldest son is Trayven Collins, 15, her oldest daughter 11 year old daughter is Dayla Collins and her youngest son, 5 years old is Theron Collins and her youngest daughter Doris Collins is 3 month old.

To learn more about Doree’s 2016 TPP Seed Grant, click here.