Dejah Powell, 2018 Team Member

Dejah Powell is a senior at Cornell University studying Environmental & Sustainability Science, minoring in Business and Community Food Systems. Nearly two years ago, she founded Get Them to the Green (G2G), an organization that aims to foster love for the environment amongst Chicago youth, particularly youth of color.

Powell’s first project with G2G was to organize a summer camp, through which she engaged 14 young people from across the city on issues like environmental justice, sustainability, and food and agriculture. G2G has since partnered with the non-profit Gardeneers to build a school garden at Powell’s elementary school to provide hands-on, outdoor environmental education opportunities for students. After graduation, alongside working full time at Civic Consulting Alliance, she hopes to continue this work, taking an intersectional approach to conversations about the environment, food and racial justice with young people.

To read more about Dejah’s TPP Grant click here.

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