Chris McGilvery is an educator, connector, and kindness crusader. In addition to working as the Grants Coordinator for The Pollination Project, Chris is the Founder of Give More HUGS. HUGS stands for Helping Unite Giving Souls.

Chris was born in Texas and spent much of his youth traveling. He has lived in the Philippines, California, Hawaii, and Texas due to his father’s military background. Chris attended Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas where he graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. He worked in the corporate world upon graduation before deciding to pursue education. He returned to Angelo State University to achieve two Master’s Degrees in Student Development and Leadership in Higher Education and in Curriculum and Instruction. Chris taught middle school to diverse populations – many of his students had just come to America and were struggling to feel like they belonged not only in the school but in their community.

Taking motivation from his students and his own mother’s childhood stories from growing up in the Philippines with little to no access to formal education, Chris went on to teach at Angelo State University and then moved with his wife to Dominica where he worked at Ross University School of Medicine and volunteered in the local schools. In that moment, his interests and passions combined to create Give More HUGS.

Give More HUGS unites communities to help students in need. They provide educational resources, books with inspirational messages, and resources to help young people develop a love for learning and reading. This includes everything from giving the students resources to actually training and mentoring students to develop their leadership skills. Give More HUGS leads with compassion. When a handwritten note is included in each book, students see that someone is thinking of them, someone believes in them, and someone loves them.

Chris believes in the power of kindness as an act that can deepen relationships and deepen people’s abilities to connect with one another. Kindness is an opportunity to show up for one another and Chris has a track record of doing exactly that. To learn more about Chris and his project, visit