Michelle Carrera featured in Main Street Vegan

Vegans, Communities and the Hurricane Aftermath, March 2018

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“In my last blog post “A Vegan in the Middle of a Natural Disaster”, I shared everything I did to survive the days after Hurricane Maria hit my island, Puerto Rico. I wrote that veganism was the way to go in terms of how we can help the planet heal. This follow-up is about veganism in local areas, and helping communities. One of the great things I got to do after the hurricane was go to the streets and feed others. A year before the hurricane, I had the chance to meet the founder of Chilis on Wheels, a non-profit organization that feeds vegan food to people in need of a warm meal. “

Read the whole article, Vegans, Communities and the Hurricane Aftermath, here

Learn more about Michelle Carrera’s project, Chilis On Wheels Puerto Rico Relief, here.

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