Olympia Auset featured in Tidal Magazine

Girl Crush: Olympia Auset, November 2017

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“For many people, buying a tomato is a special event. While you may be among those who casually swing by Whole Foods or your local farmer’s market when you get a hankering for some veggies, 23.5 million Americans have little to no access to fresh produce. Olympia Auset was one of those Americans. A long-time vegan, the 26-year-old healthy eating advocate discovered that maintaining a plant-based diet in her Inglewood neighborhood was, “a mission,” as she puts it. “I spent hours on the bus each time I needed groceries because fast food and liquor stores were the only options around me,” she says.

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Learn more about Olympia Auset’s project, SÜPRMRKT, here.

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