Now’s the Right Time to Learn How to Be More Empathetic, August 2017

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“A sex workers’ stilettos. Flip-flops belonging to a dwarf. The rainboots of a mother whose teenage daughter was the victim of a horrific stabbing. A traveling exhibit called “A Mile in My Shoes” allows you to literally step into each of these pairs of footwear while listening to an audio recording of the owner’s voice. It’s all part of the Empathy Museum, a series of participatory projects that aims to help people see the world through different eyes. And it just might work: Though there’s some evidence our baseline level of empathy is innate or even encoded into our genes, research has shown training and deliberate practice can enhance our capacity for recognizing, acknowledging, and even feeling others’ pain. In fact, a recent meta-analysis of 18 randomized controlled trials—the gold standard of medical studies—supports the effectiveness of formal training programs to increase empathy levels.”

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