Eat Drink Better . comFight Drought with Diet – What’s the Water Footprint of your Food?, July 2017

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“This billboard about how to fight drought with diet appeared in my neighborhood and brightened my day! If you care about the planet, it’s time to take a hard look at what’s on your plate. This billboard – which I saw on my bike commute in San Francisco – is a public art project and social media campaign by Los Angeles-based artists Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg, focused on raising people’s awareness about how much water it takes to produce meat and dairy as opposed to a plant-based diet – with the hope that they would ‘shock’ some residents into thinking differently about their diets. The billboards were seen around LA in late 2015, and arrived in San Francisco in late 2016 (I’m a bit late writing this post!). The idea that meat is so directly related to drought is not news to me or others in the vegan food scene, but it’s still (I would suggest) a rather new and/or challenging concept for others to accept. “

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