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How To Find Your Passion: 7 Steps You Can Take Today, June 2017

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“Type “how to find your passion” into Google and you’ll get 29.9 million results in .9 seconds. I’d argue “find your passion” is one of the most talked about yet most misunderstood terms out there. It’s constantly thrown around as a buzz phrase and it’s on the cover of countless self-help books, yet the search for passion never seems to end. Pursuing your passion terrifies most people. It’s the proverbial fork in the road between following a dream or being “realistic.” However, science tells us that having a passion can increase our overall satisfaction with life, making us happier and less stressful people. So why is passion so elusive? I asked one cofounder who seems to have the passion predicament sorted. He travels the world empowering disadvantaged youth with the tools to reach their full potential.”

Read the whole article, How To Find Your Passion: 7 Steps You Can Take Today, here.

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