Journal StarCommunity garden sows the seeds of peace in Peoria, June 2017

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” Recently, Molly Rice’s backyard has become the site of a lot of dirt dumping, watermelon planting and tie-dying parties. She and her family are starting a community garden at 1116 and 1118 NE Glendale Ave., and they’ve invited the whole neighborhood to help. Rice said the inspiration to start a garden came after the house next door became the site of two drive-by shootings and arson in June 2016. “They got in a gang fight with the wrong gang for this neighborhood,” Rice said of the house’s previous owner. “I got all the kids up and had them sleep on the floor (the night of the shootings).” After that, Rice’s daughter wanted to make a “peace garden” to bring some happiness back to the North Valley. The Rice family decided to acquire the lot that was the site of the shootings and the arson, as well as two more lots, and has since planted a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers.”

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