CNN logoWhere the homeless can board a bus to take a warm shower, June 2017

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” Five years ago, Doniece Sandoval gained a new perspective on San Francisco’s immense problem of homelessness. It happened in her own neighborhood. “There were three elderly gentlemen, all in their 80s, who we watched, one by one, get evicted,” she said. “They began to live in their cars, had their cars repossessed, and ended up on the street.” As the Bay Area bounced back from the economic recession, Sandoval saw rents skyrocket. Diverse areas in and around San Francisco became gentrified, trendy — and pricey. And as tech companies and other businesses moved in, lower-income residents were forced out. Sandoval saw more and more people living and sleeping on the streets. And all of them, she said, were struggling with hygiene. When she learned there were fewer than 20 shower stalls and toilets for thousands of homeless individuals, she was shocked.”

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