Murthy Kantimahanti, Community-based Conservation of King Cobras in the Eastern Ghats of South India, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Snakes have always been largely misunderstood and neglected animals in India. Getting support from the Pollination Project to initiate community-based conservation of king cobras in a largely underappreciated landscape like the Eastern Ghats made a huge difference to us as a team on a personal level. It enabled us to reach out to the rural communities living in remote areas in a more efficient way than ever before and work with them to pave way for establishing a harmonious relationship between human and snakes. More importantly, the grant enabled us to start “Save The Snakes” Initiative! It highly motivated us to work more intensively considering this initiative as a major stride towards long-term conservation of native snake populations and protections of their habitats in the Eastern Ghats of South India.

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