Darshana and dogsDarshana is an avid animal rights grassroots activist. Her initial interest in the rampant human-stray dog conflict in her city, Pune, led to her forming an email group in 2011, that got all the Animal Welfare NGOs and dog lovers in her city under one single forum called PALs (Pune Animal Lovers). There was no turning back from there. She was nominated and elected as the first coordinator for P-FAPO, Pune Federation of Animal Protection Organizations, an initiative of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (Fiapo). A major outcome of this was the successful setting up of the Animal Birth Control program in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of the city. She then moved on to becoming a Leader for the Fiapo Living Free campaign, a campaign for farmed animals, taking the initiative of holding regular outreach events, awareness programs in schools and colleges, Vegan Master Chef Challenges in institutes of hotel management, and three Vegan Fests in a prominent mall in the city. Grassroots activism remains her strong point and in her free time she likes to learn dancing and go swimming.