Reading rooms provide kids with new opportunities, May 2017

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” This is the story of The Kids Reading Room. It’s a magical place filled with books for some of our area’s kids who need them the most. The hero of our story is Trish Schappell.  By day she is a middle school counselor in Spring-Branch Independent School District, but when school ends she become a Kids Reading Room volunteer,  executive director, and founder.  “This is what I feel I was put here for,” Trish Schappell said.  She started the program 3 1/2 years ago after hearing some troubling news. “Children are not graduating, kids have difficulty reading, literacy may not be the most important thing at home because their parents are working full time,” Schappell said.  “I decided just to go to an apartment community and see if I could create a library.” It proved to be a success. Soon after she had five locations and kids like Denzel Garcia started coming in.”

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